Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission


Imperial Academy fosters the pursuit of excellence by providing its students with a broad liberal education of the highest quality in the Indian tradition.


Imperial Academy aims to empower its students with:

  • An understanding of, and learning from, Indian values
  • Academic confidence, and a passion for learning
  • An understanding of the obligations of community, both local and international
  • Social competence, the capacity for leadership, and genuine compassion for others
  • A desire for involvement in the arts, sports and co-curricular activities
  • Good physical and emotional health


  • Compassion – a striving to care for self and other
  • Justice – seeking the common good, where all are treated fairly
  • Honesty & Trustworthiness – being honest, dependable, seeking the truth
  • Integrity – acting in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct
  • Respect – treating others and their opinions with consideration; having regard for both tradition and innovation
  • Aspiration – pursuit of excellence, for worthy accomplishment, and to provide leadership, in intellectual and other domains while still displaying humility
  • Freedom – enjoying the rights and privileges of citizenship free from unnecessary control, and  standing up for the rights of others
  • Responsibility – being accountable for one’s own actions; resolving differences in constructive and peaceful ways; taking care of the environment
  • Tolerance – being committed to international and inter-cultural understanding; accepting diversity, and including others
  • Courage – showing resolve in the face of adversity, and being enterprising and adventurous, prepared to take risks and learn from mistakes