Education Director

Education Director

I feel privileged to welcome you to Imperial Academy, Indore, one of the best schools of the region which imparts quality education with latest technology. I am proud to be the Education Director of this wonderful school where the management aims to nurture the educational, personal, social and physical growth of our pupils in this state. Spread over an area of acres the school is nestled in the locality of lush greenery, the school provides children with best education in a safe and secure learning environment.

I can confidently say that on completion of studies at Imperial Academy, every child will be fully prepared to take on a role of useful and responsible citizen of the world. Nowadays, the school breaks the general trend to judge a child with the help of traditional evaluation system in form of Progress Report Card. We focus on making a child a good human being who will be polite, humble, kind-hearted, co-operative, disciplined and punctual. If these virtues are embedded in our children, they will surely be successful both in their academic lives as well as in their future professional careers.

We from the very beginning of a child’s schooling at IMPERIAL ACADEMY focus on his/her wholesome learning using a number of methods, devices and techniques; hence allowing the child to imbibe lessons thoroughly and apply them to real life situations. To make this possible we have our specially designed ICT modules for every lesson to make learning joyful and meaningful.

Today’s world is entirely different from yesteryears. Shrinking distances both in terms of time and space have given birth to globalization, characterized by the integration of knowledge and skills with information and communication technology. Such a world demands a distinct, all-encompassing education for universal learning.

With the changing scenario and global education, there is a lot beyond the classroom which needs to be made an integral part of the time-table. We have a blend of activities which serve to tap the talent. We will constantly polish and hone skills of our students so that they can face the challenges ahead. Debates, declamations, quiz, elocution, poetry recitation, sports, cultural events, annual function, drawing & painting, theatre, dance, music, workshops and seminars for personality development etc. are just to name a few which will enhance and boost confidence among the students of Imperial Academy.

Besides being a source of inspiration and opportunities, for parents in general and children in particular we have to go a long way in guiding all concerned. I would suggest you to consider for quality, contemporary education and walk in to IMPERIAL ACADEMY, INDORE to know how we can assist you in taking a right decision for your child.

We are evolving and growing, every passing day since last three decades. And we will leave no stone unturned in achieving our vision and mission. We have many good things for you, and we will be adding more in times to come, in order to make education more result-oriented and meaningful. We look forward to your support and faith in our noble motive of providing affordable and contemporary education.

R.P. Naithani

Education Director